Do you suffer from Acid Reflux or Heartburn?

Our practice is involved in a research study for an investigational medication for Acid Reflux or Heartburn (otherwise known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD).

Please visit the link to see if you quality for the study! 

The Other End of the Scope: A Gastroenterologist has a Screening Colonoscopy

Dr. Choi of ADC- Gastroenterology Associates has performed over 20,000 colonoscopies during his career. However, he's never actually had one himself. In this five minute instructional and humorous video, he walks you through the before, during and after a screening colonoscopy done in our Warrenton In-Office Endoscopy Suite. 



What is Adenoma Detection Rate?

An adenoma is a benign tumor or growth that is identified and can usually be removed during a colonoscopy. Most colon cancers develop from adenomatous polyps. If a benign adenoma is left to grow in the colon, it can become malignant over time. This is why screening and surveillance colonoscopies are so important for you to have done.

Adenoma detection rate (ADR) is the widely accepted national benchmark on quality for screening colonoscopy. A physician’s adenoma detection rate is the proportion of individuals undergoing a complete screening colonoscopy who have one or more adenomas, or polyps, detected.